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Hello and welcome to Compers Forum

Compers Forum was set up to create a friendly comping group sharing details of UK competitions and helping each other with competition questions.

The forum is open for everyone to read and lists competitions to win low value prizes such as CDs and DVDs to more valued prizes that many people seek such as cash and cars and everything in between.  All competitions are moved to the closed board after the expiry date to save you ploughing through loads of out of date information.

The forum welcomes active members and participation can be in the form of posting new competitions, helping with competition questions or general comping chat.  It's free to register - your details will never be passed on or sold to third parties so you won't be bombarded with spam as a result of registering.  Suggestions to improve and develop the forum are also welcomed - just pop them in the General Discussion board.

If you're used to other forums, you'll notice that there are a couple of additional boxes to complete when you register.  This is purely an attempt to stop spammers registering multiple accounts and inundating the forum with posts about fake goods, Viagra and enlarging body parts. 

Do you host a competition on your website, blog, Facebook or Twitter?  Compers Forum allows you to advertise your own competitions on the forum (free of charge).  When you register, please indicate that you are a promoter (this will be shown to everyone in your profile panel on the left hand side) and follow the usual forum guidelines for posting.  A link back to Compers Forum would be very much appreciated.

Wishing you lots of wins

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